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The ICEMAN™ is a super fun and crazy tough winter themed 5k obstacle race where participants will run, walk, climb, and crawl through the most challenging winter themed obstacle race course in the country.

Racers will encounter 10-15 challenging obstacles along with scenic trails before crossing the finish line.

If you can still hold your arms up, you can enjoy a warm beverage, some good food, and hang out by a bonfire while you exchange war stories with your fellow Icemen!

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Mudman at Powder RidgeMUDMAN & ICEMAN are super fun and crazy tough 5k obstacle races where participants will run, walk, climb, and crawl through the most challenging obstacle courses in the upper Midwest.

In addition to having our events set on the hills of some of the most scenic and rugged venues in the Midwest, racers will encounter 15 or more challenging obstacles before crossing the finish line very tired and very muddy!

With several racing options available, make it a fun day by choosing to race as an individual, with a group of friends, or by entering the 'Parent/Child' division. You will definitely not want to miss the POST-RACE FESTIVITIES with costume judging and awards, live music, great food, and plenty of refreshments!

When you go home, we promise that you will be as dirty, sore, and tired as humanly possible! Plus, you'll have bragging rights, maybe some cool battle scars, and some really awesome race swag!


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Course Map

The Iceman 5K will take place at Daytona Golf Club located in Dayton, MN.  Daytona Golf Club is approximatley 30 minutes north of the Twin Cities centrally located just minutes from both I-94 and HWY10.

Get Directions

Iceman 5k course will consist of roughly 12-15 obstacles that will test your strength, endurance and mental fortitude.  Created by the same course design team that brings you the Mudman races, you are assured to be pushed to your breaking point and beyond both physically and mentally.  Here we will offer you a glimpse of what awaits you as you attempt the challenge that is ICEMAN!!

All obstacles are subject to change.

Good Luck!!

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How do I form a group with my friends?
Want to race with some friends? When asked during registration, make up an awesome "family friendly" group name (i.e. Muddy Runners), Pick which heat you would like to race in and then let all your friends know your group name and heat number. Make sure they spell the group name correctly.

If I am unable to race, can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds for any reason.  If you are unable to race or attend, you may have a friend or family member pick up your participant t-shirt and any swag for the race.  Finisher medals will only be given to those who cross the finish line.

If I am unable to make it, can I transfer my registration to a friend or family member?
We do not allow transfers for any reason.  If you are unable to race or attend, you may have a friend or family member pick up your participant t-shirt and any swag for the race.  Finisher medals will only be given to those who cross the finish line.

Will I receive a participant t-shirt?
To be guaranteed a participant t-shirt, you must be registered TWO WEEKS prior to race day.  If you register after that or at Race-Day-Registration, you will be instructed to return at the end of the day.  If shirts are still available, you may have one.  Also, we will have souvenir shirts available for purchase.

How do I find my heat assignment? Can I change my heat assignment?  
When you register, you will be instructed to select a preferred heat assignment.  If you have forgotten your heat assignment request, you may look it up by going to www.iamathlete.com and logging in to your account.  If you later decide you'd like to change your schedule or switch heats so you can run with your friends, you may do so by going to www.iamathlete.com and logging in to your account.  From the "My Registrations" tab, select "Edit Registration".  You will be able to make changes to your registration 1) so long as the heat you are requesting to change to still has availability, and 2) until 7 days before the event.  If you choose not to change your heat time and to simply show up and race with your friends, your time will be incorrect. Heats will be finalized and then posted the week before the race. All heats are subject to change and abjustment due to race registration numbers.

When should I check-in on race day?
Please do not arrive at the check-in table any earlier than one hour before your heat starts or until the "NOW SERVING HEAT ___" sign indicates that your heat is being checked-in.  Also, please be aware that it might be necessary to let people ahead of you if they are racing in the next heat and need to complete their check-in to get to the start line in time.

Will there by non-race-related expenses on race day?
Each venue reserves the right to charge a fee of $10 for parking which varies between locations.  Also, there will be food and beverage available for purchase from vendors.  Please have cash available.  Checks or charge will not be accepted.
Graniteman Events will have shirts and souvenir items available for purchase.  Cash, check, or charge welcome.

Will I need my I.D.?
Yes, you will need your I.D. at packet pick-up.  If your child under 18 is checking in, a legal guardian or parent will need to be there to show their I.D. and sign a waiver for their minor child.  Also, if you plan to drink an alcoholic beverage after you race, you will need I.D.

Will there be Race Day Registration available?
Yes, we will have Race Day Registration open.  Race Day Registration will cost the same as the most recent price increase online plus a $5 processing fee.  You will not be guaranteed a participant t-shirt.  If you return after the last heat has been sent out and shirts are still available, you may have one. 

I am a parent with more than one young child.  What if more than one child wants to be in a parent/child team with me?
For the safety of your child and the other participants, no more than one child will be allowed to race in a parent/child team.  Each child will need their own adult to race with.  If you have an adult friend or family member who would like to race with your young child, they may do so.  Waivers will be available at the check-in tables.

My Company would like to have a Corporate Team is this possible?
Absolutely!! We are always excited to hear about employers supporting their employes's helath and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. If you are interested in registering a corporate team please print and complete this form.

What do I do with my stuff when I am racing?
We will have a complimentary key drop tent available for you to check in your keys and small items.  Please plan ahead and keep your carry on items to a minimum.  Each participant will receive a gallon size ziploc bag to put all of their items in.  Please note that this service is not available for spectators.  Racers only.  A suggested carry-on list would be: wallet (including cash), I.D. (for check-in, children's waivers, and alcoholic purchases after your race), and car keys.  Backpacks, diaper bags, and purses will not be allowed to be checked in.

Can I skip an obstacle?
Not all obstacles have the option to be skipped.  If an obstacle does have the option, please be sure to remove yourself entirely from the way of the participants who are completing the obstacle.  You will receive a penalty in the form of some form of physical exercise.  A drill sergeant will be staged at each skip-able obstacle to instruct you.

If I am part of a volunteer group, will I still be able to race?
Volunteer shifts are scheduled by morning and afternoon.  Please be sure that your group's volunteer shift coordinates with the heat time you request at registration.  If you have an athletic group or other organization that would like to volunteer as a fundraiser, please contact our volunteer coordinator.  

Will there be alcohol available for purchase?
Yes, our food vendors will be carding anyone making an alcoholic purchase.  Please limit your intake after having completed intense exercise for your physical health and safety.  Be sure that your group has a designated driver.  Please drink responsibly.

Will there be food available?
Yes, food vendors will be present with food and beverages for purchase.  No alcohol purchases without a valid I.D.

What If I get hurt?
Professionals will be on scene to care for race related injuries.  Depending on severity, local emergency services will also be on call if further assistance is required.

There is no fee if you want to come and watch.  We will have some areas of the course for spectators to walk to.  Spectators will not be able to get up to the top of the hill to watch the obstacles that are behind it  There will also be plenty of food and beverages for sale and some fun games and activities for the general public to partake in as well.

Will there be a professional race photographer?
Graniteman Events Inc. has hired our own photographer and will make them available free of charge to participants.  They are put on our Facebook page within one week of the event.  For a high resolution image, please contact us directly.

If I leave early and find out that I won an award, what must I do to collect it?  
No awards, medals, or shirts will be mailed out.
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ICEMAN© is managed by Graniteman Events, Inc. in Sauk Rapids, MN and is one of 9 events held throughout Minnesota.  These events include running events, adventure races, and triathlons.

At Graniteman Events, we choose to hire our volunteers by recruiting various community groups who would like to raise money for their group or cause.  

There are various activities to volunteer for depending on the race and/or group.

~ Registration
~ Body Marking
~ Tear down
~ Handing out racers materials
~ Traffic, parking, and crowd Control
~ Staffing designated points along course to cheer and guide participants

If your group is interested in raising money by being a part of our Graniteman Support Crew, or If you have questions regarding volunteering, please send us an email!

Events, Locations, and 2013 Dates

~ ICEMAN Minnesota - Daytona Golf Club – Dayton, MN January 12th
~ Buffalo Triathlon - Buffalo Lake - Buffalo, MN June 2nd
~ Graniteman St. Cloud Triathlon - Lake George - St. Cloud, MN June 26th
~ Granite Kids Triathlon Held in conjunction with Graniteman St. Cloud
~ Graniteman Clearwater Triathlon - Warner lake – Clearwater, MN July 13th
~ Mudman Duluth – Spirit Mountain – Duluth, MN June 20th
~ Graniteman Big Lake Triathlon - Big Lake – Big Lake, MN August 3rd
~ MUDMAN – Powder Ridge Ski Area - Kimball, MN August 17th
~ Graniteman 1/2 Marathon, 5k, 10k, Kids Run - Sauk Rapids, MN Sept 6th & 7th

You help us… We help you!
(Shifts are approximately 4-5 hours in length)

10 people: $250 per shift
15 people:  $375 per shift
20 people: $500 per shift
30 people:  $750 per shift

Triathlons are typically run from early morning to about noon depending on the size of the event.  The Mudman & Iceman schedules typically run a good portion of the day depending on the number of participants.  Groups are scheduled in 4-5 hour shifts.  A more specific schedule will be available each year closer to the date of the event.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to volunteer!

If you have questions regarding volunteering, please email the Volunteer Coordinator Julie Dehmer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..