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ICEMAN© is managed by Graniteman Events, Inc. in Sauk Rapids, MN and is one of 9 events held throughout Minnesota.  These events include running events, adventure races, and triathlons.

At Graniteman Events, we choose to hire our volunteers by recruiting various community groups who would like to raise money for their group or cause.  

There are various activities to volunteer for depending on the race and/or group.

~ Registration
~ Body Marking
~ Tear down
~ Handing out racers materials
~ Traffic, parking, and crowd Control
~ Staffing designated points along course to cheer and guide participants

If your group is interested in raising money by being a part of our Graniteman Support Crew, or If you have questions regarding volunteering, please send us an email!

Events, Locations, and 2013 Dates

~ ICEMAN Minnesota - Daytona Golf Club – Dayton, MN January 12th
~ Buffalo Triathlon - Buffalo Lake - Buffalo, MN June 2nd
~ Graniteman St. Cloud Triathlon - Lake George - St. Cloud, MN June 26th
~ Granite Kids Triathlon Held in conjunction with Graniteman St. Cloud
~ Graniteman Clearwater Triathlon - Warner lake – Clearwater, MN July 13th
~ Mudman Duluth – Spirit Mountain – Duluth, MN June 20th
~ Graniteman Big Lake Triathlon - Big Lake – Big Lake, MN August 3rd
~ MUDMAN – Powder Ridge Ski Area - Kimball, MN August 17th
~ Graniteman 1/2 Marathon, 5k, 10k, Kids Run - Sauk Rapids, MN Sept 6th & 7th

You help us… We help you!
(Shifts are approximately 4-5 hours in length)

10 people: $250 per shift
15 people:  $375 per shift
20 people: $500 per shift
30 people:  $750 per shift

Triathlons are typically run from early morning to about noon depending on the size of the event.  The Mudman & Iceman schedules typically run a good portion of the day depending on the number of participants.  Groups are scheduled in 4-5 hour shifts.  A more specific schedule will be available each year closer to the date of the event.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to volunteer!

If you have questions regarding volunteering, please email the Volunteer Coordinator Julie Dehmer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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